Through this blog we will share with you the highs, the lows, and the mild indifferences, of Lincoln Cathedral Connected.

The Connected project aims to improve the visitor experience at Lincoln Cathedral by providing new facilities, beautiful gardens and a packed programme of events and activities for all to enjoy.

In May 2015 the project was awarded a ‘Round 1 Pass’ from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which has ring-fenced £12.5 million towards this £16million project.

To release this grant, the project has to go through a Development Phase. Lasting 18 months, this period (also funded by HLF), gives us the opportunity to work up our plans in detail, ensuring that HLF’s investment will reap rewards for the Cathedral.

And what is the reward?

Well for Lincoln Cathedral it is financial security.

This beautiful, intricate structure requires substantial investment to keep it in tip-top shape. Unfortunately the effects of weather, pollution and Old Father Time have taken their toll on the building. That combined with the somewhat fragile nature of Lincolnshire Limestone (imagine a building made of hard cheese – you get the idea), equates to an annual bill for routine maintenance of £1.6million a year. Every single year. Year in and year out. £1.6million.

So the genesis of Lincoln Cathedral Connected was an idea: that fantastic facilities, exhibitions, activities and events will encourage greater numbers of visitors to explore what Lincoln Cathedral has to offer them. In return, greater numbers of visitors will generate more income, which can be invested in the care of the building.

Such a simple idea, but one that’s already been two and a half years in the making. However, we’ve only really just begun on this journey (which will last until 2021!) and hope that you’ll join us in seeing the Connected project take shape.



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